Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lao Trip 12.2 - Vientiane

On my third day of the trip, I crossed the Thai-Lao border at Nong Khai and went on to the Lao capitol of Vientiane, which is the usual destination for most people crossing from Thailand along this first “Friendship Bridge,”

I didn’t plan to stay long in Vientiane or Lao, this time around, as I was short on cash. Our new ATM card hadn’t arrived from the Unites States, yet, so I had had to leave our village with whatever kip and baht I had loose around.

I checked into the Mixay Guesthouse this time, as it was a budget/backpacker place across the street from the usual place I stay – the Duang Deuane. The Mixay is about half the price, but the next time I stay in Vientiane, I’ll most likely go back to the Duang Deuane. It’s just a better value and in case I want to stay in my room, the rooms are nice enough to do that – some with very good views. The Mixay rooms are really just for sleeping.

Once laundry was done and I had showered and changed clothes, I walked out to the outdoors eatery a block away, adjacent to the big tree opposite the Belgian Beer place and the nightclub. The owner recognized me immediately and invited me to her table. Even so, she was not as friendly as before. That could be because I had been polite but politely distant when she introduced me to her woman friend. I had gotten the impression she was trying to set us up; maybe, maybe not.

I had a 640 ml bottle of Beer Lao, with ice, then moved on down Th Fa Ngoum, heading westerly. I stopped in at the Borr Pen Yang, but the sole guy guarding the place was sleeping. Not wanting to disturb him, I went back down the stairs and continued my westerly walk.

Passing the Samyek Pakpasack, I remembered my enjoyable time here, early this year, listening to live music and meeting the two guys that worked at KP Lao.

Continuing down Th Fa Ngoum, that runs along The Mekong, at a distance, I passed the Sunset Bar and then where the pavement ends. Being a person who likes floating restaurants, I was sure there had to be one somewhere down the road, a little further outside the city’s epicenter.

I was right. Just as my feet were beginning to ache a little and the afternoon sun was bearing down on me a little too much, I came across Heua Pae…

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