Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lao Trip 12.4 - Samyek Pakpasack

Moving off from the Sunset Bar, along Th Fa Ngoum, going easterly, I stopped at a riverside vendor for another beer and bar-b-que, rice and veggies. Here, I enjoyed the fading light of the late afternoon, watching the movement of people and boats along The Mekong.

Just before sundown, I walked further east, back toward Vientiane’s riverside epicenter, and stopped in at Samyek Pakpasack. I couldn’t resist. They again had live acoustic music going on and I remembered how I had enjoyed it here, last time.

At one point, I toasted – from a distance – one of the older employees who had sat in on a couple of songs that reminded me of Loso and Pongsit. He came over to my table in a rush and this is when I met Mr. Tank, who turned out to be the owner or nominal manager or both. I bought us a Beer Lao and, using my smart phone, showed him pictures of my wife and new home being built. This was helpful as it gave him an idea of what kind of guy I was and also gave us something to do, as he was limited in his English and me in my Lao.

When I decided to leave, Mr. Tank insisted on driving me back to my guesthouse. I initially thanked him but indicated that I would walk, but he would have none of it. So, I rode back to the Mixay on the back of Mr. Tank’s motosai

As the night was still young and prospects of just hanging out in my dreary Mixay room didn’t really appeal to me, I decided to go visit the Borr Pen Yang during its prime time. The two or three times I had been there were always in the afternoon and I knew that this bar was geared for the night time… 

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