Monday, November 9, 2015

Bann Nah 31 - Porch Small Roof

Continuing to address the rain damage issue to the porch – even though the East Asian Monsoon Season was just about over – our workers Sam Lott and Sam Naht put together the lancah noi (little roof) on the west end of the porch.

This was part of The Plan, but a design deficiency that only I am full aware of. Back when Lungpaw Boon Long suggested we put a lancah noi on top the main roof for aesthetics, I should have changed the plans for the porch roof to be an A-frame – essentially establishing a 3-roof effect. It would have been more expensive, but look lots nicer. As it is, the west side roof (along with the stairs roof), now help create a look to Bann Nah of being a little like an open box with the flaps hanging to the side. Oh well, it’s done and, as I say, I’m probably the only one fully aware of it or who cares.

As with the rest of the building, the little roof on the west side of the porch was built with quality by Lott and Naht, who made sure not to have it too low so we will maintain a good  view of the chedi, once it is built.

(Thip, Naht and Lott taking a break at the outside kitchen)

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