Monday, November 16, 2015

Bann Nah 32 - Porch Ceiling

In October 2015, the Bann Nah porch teak ceiling was cut and nail-gunned in. I again was staining up to the every end, and sanding, as well. We had run short of the “grade A” slats and I had to work on the “grade B” stuff – slats I had originally rejected – to bring them up to useable quality. It’s amazing what one can do with a belt sander!

Sam Lott and Sam Naht (“Sam” being a title of respect, much like “mister” is in English) did a good job matching up the slats and even got creative in spots.

The porch ceiling now looks so good, that roof sections like the porch’s west side roof and stairs roof – both without ceilings – look notably plain. I’m now thinking that somewhere down the line – maybe in a year or two – we might put mini-ceilings on these, too.

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