Thursday, January 7, 2016

Favorite Songs of 2015

Music plays a large role in my life and always has. I think this would be surprising to my elementary school music teacher. I was just such a cut-up in class. I didn’t see the relevance of what she was teaching when I was listening to the great era of 1950s and 1960s Rhythm and Blues and it was totally dismissed in class.

Living in Thailand, I’m exposed to a completely new music set. The following are my favorites from this year. Most were not released this year, but had major play in the places where I hung out:

From my March Visa run to Savannakhet and meeting Jittzy:

This song sung as story:

This song sung as story:

The ladyboy song: - gets a Line call at night - female singer - drunk guy cleans up - male singer

Later on in the year: - he thinks she’s cheating on him, but she’s dumping the other guy – really a sweet video - The Bann Nah song - great video still shots

... and, lastly, a song I’m always reminded of, when travelling in Lao:

Looking Back, John Mayall:

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