Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lao Trip 13.7 - An Odd Day

Today was kind of weird. I got some things done, but never got anything really going.

In the morning, I stayed in my room hiding from the cold, working on Lao phrases and watching music videos on TV. The rain had backed off, but the cold still lingered.

After coffee downstairs and connecting to the wi-fi, I made my way over to the market once again. I was successful in buying a jacket I could fit into but which will better fit my wife. I gave up on trying to find sneakers my size and ended up just buying a pair of socks.

From the street vendors, I bought some dried pork (Aloi! Delicious!) and then made my way to the big, new floating restaurant near the port, in back of BCEL. En route, I encountered a Falang on a bicycle and waved “Hello.” No response. OK.

Nothing much was happening at the big floater, so after some beers, I made my way back to Khemkhong, had another beer and got into a disagreement about directions to Sarakham with the Falang bicyclist I’d seen earlier. I was just trying to help him out, not have a debate. Not wanting to deal with him further, I checked into Heuan Phair where the gay guy who’s related to the owners was entertaining a rather attractive gay girl. It was now night time. I had a beer, then left; no one else was there.

Just before retiring to Sayadeth, I decided to look in on Seng Chalerm’s restaurant. There was somewhat of a middle-aged womens’ party going on there, so like I had in Ken Thao, I joined in and felt a little bit more comfortable as a couple of the women knew me.

By the time all this beer drinking was done, so was I.

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