Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bann Nah 35: Water Tank

A temporary fix, we installed a 2,000 liter water tank on a metal stand about five feet high. Thip designed the stand, red oxide painted the metal and we paid a local crew to weld it. I connected the PVC from the well to the tank and created ports for multiple use. Our workers were away, so we are now in a mode where we are trying to do as much of the work at the farm on our own.

Eventually, we will move the tank to a much higher tower so that we will be able to have water pressure to the second floor of Bann Nah. The tower will have a roof to shade the tank, as well as a lightning rod.

The temporary tank set-up now gives us the ability to easily water plants and trees that Thip has put on the pad’s periphery; mango, papaya, doolean, mak mee (jackfruit), palm nut, coconut and other trees I’m not quite sure what they are. She’s doing well with the trees, but struggling a bit with the vegetables due to the exposure of the pad to the sun; little to no shade.

Having pressurized water also makes it easier in preparing and cleaning up in the outdoor kitchen.

This winter of 2015-2016 was not an exceptionally cold one, but it lasted far longer than previous winters I’ve experienced in the Isaan. For example, I estimate winter season, last year, went for about two months. This year, it was a solid three.

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