Friday, March 25, 2016

Bann Nah 36: Retrospective

My wife Thiphawan remarked the other day that in a few months we will have been in building mode, at Bann Nah, for two years. I laughed, because to me, we’re already pushing three. She’s counting from when work began on the structure. I count from the time we donated and sold land to the temple, for the building of the temple chedi (stuppa), and our decision to build a new “shack” out in the middle of the rice fields that were left (9 rai).

Here’s what the original lower part of 17 rai looked like, purchased for the family to rice farm on, back in 2000:

Pre-Bann Nah

2010 – 17 Rai video – “Love Shack I”

Bann Nah History to Date

2013 – 17 to 9 Rai video – the beginning of the chedi pool and Bann Nah pad

2014 – Bann Nah 1 – plan expansion; on the pad
2014 – Bann Nah 2 – history of previous structures
2014 – Bann Nah 3 – making way for the chedi
2014 – Bann Nah 4 – more on the plan expansion
2014 – Bann Nah 5 – electrical lines

Our “farm house” (aka “bungalow on stilts”) as of March 2016:

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