Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Chedi Retrospective

As I write, the chedi building is being constructed ontop the old “Love Shack I,” built back about 2001 and “Love Shack II,” built in 2012.

(Thip on the chedi dirt pad, mid-2015; note our farm house in the distance)

Our temple’s chedi (stupa) started to become a big thing in our lives when we donated four rai and sold four rai to our wat in 2013. We did this so that it could be constructed outside the temple walls, be big enough, and – most importantly – realize the dream our head monk Lungpaw Boon Long for a place for meditation in that area:

Here’s a shot of the chedi location, taken in mid-2014, after the upper land was filled in but before the pad itself was built up. Note the red temple roofs in the upper right, our road to Bann Nah on the right, the temple pool in the foreground, and some remaining trees that used to be part of our upper farm land:

Over a year later, in the Fall of 2015, the chedi was dedicated.

The chedi dirt pad is now solidified and the temple and the community have begun building up the cement foundation and posts:

(Thip center with black sweater; Lott on her left and Naht in front of him)

(Bann Nah off in the distance)

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