Monday, May 16, 2016

Evenings, 2016

When I was much younger, the night time was the right time. As a freeform disc-jockey (1970-75) and then as a rock DJ, my shift was usually overnight. When I was a beach park ranger (1972-74), it was the same deal. I was, in fact, the Midnight Ranger (MidnightRider)!

As I grew older, it has been hard for me to give up the late night. I just felt I didn't want the day to end.

Now that I am in my upper 60s, I've had to leave the late nights behind. Not to say they don't occur, but generally late nights involve alcohol and my body just can't handle drinking late at night any more. It's not a challenge of mind over matter, it's what my body tells me. So, most nights I'm in bed by about 9pm with a wake-up time of around 5am the next morning.

The hours prior to bedtime go pretty quickly.

Following the usual after-work beers at Bann Nah, I'm usually the last one to leave the construction site, checking that all water is turned off and a light is left on to discourage thieves. Speaking of thievery, I am very happy to report that in the two years we have had valuable wood and tools on the ground, there has not been one thing taken from the building site. I'm not sure if it's just good luck or maybe because our new home is associated with the temple; maybe a combination of the two.

After the ten minute motosai ride back to our village home, I'll put our motorcycles away, inside the house – actually in our living room – and take down the laundry that's been drying all day and put it away. By this time, my wife will be getting ready for her last trip to the temple, which is actually just a short evening ceremony that she and her girlfriend Mai attend.

Thip's back home around 9 or 9:30pm. By then, I will have showered, brushed my teeth, caught up on correspondence and ready to go “nite nite.”

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