Monday, June 13, 2016

Lao Trip 14.2 - To Pakse

My second day of my 14th trip to Lao, my previous day’s tuk-tuk driver transported me to the Savan bawkawsaw. Here, while having a BBQ chicken baguette sandwich, I was joined by a crazy but attractive Lao girl named Jan Dee Buapon. She was probably on ya ba, but it could have been all natural, too.

She was interested in my because I’m Falang, but she couldn’t stay engaged on a single subject for very long before moving on to another. It was hard to follow her, so I had her write out a lot of it, which I later had decoded. Apparently, she is a morlam singer/dancer and rates herself highly.

Nothing came of this, even though she was on the same bus to Pakse.

The ride to Pakse, itself, was a long six hours on a second class bus. After I disembarked, I made my way to the riverside, along the Se Don (Xe Dong) Mekong tributary, finding a little outdoor restaurant situated between the boat landing and the fancy Khem Khong floating restaurant.

When a rain squall moved in, all of us in the restaurant hunkered down in protected areas and socialized a bit. When I figured the rain had stopped, I walked towards my intended guesthouse. 

The rain resumed while I was en route, so I found a little shelter at a package store not far from the Sabaidy 2 guesthouse. The owner and his father subsequently invited me in to their living space and we shared some Beer Lao until the rain abated. This kind of thing is not unusual in Lao and also, to a lesser degree, in Thailand... just another reason why I love travelling in this country.

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