Friday, June 24, 2016

Lao Trip 14.5 - Don Khon

Last night, I had done my usual thing of hanging out with Khon Lao. In this case, I was invited in to eat and drink with the family that operates Souksanh and has an outdoor restaurant directly across the dirt road from it, with their homes in back of the restaurant. This morning, they acted like it hadn’t happened -- you know, no joking or laughs -- so that sent me a signal not to do that again; totally unlike what it would have been in PL2.

I called Thip via Line. She was watering plants at Bann Nah and enjoying not having our workers out there using power equipment. Also, she’s enjoying having family around more, as it is the beginning of the rice season and activity increases dramatically at both farms. Additionally, we have a lot of tools around and the house still doesn’t have a front door so we can lock things up. Consequently, Thip’s brother and wife have been staying out at 9 Rai overnight.

Here on Don Khon, I decided to delay travels to the waterfalls close-by and relax. I’d been on the move every day for over a half a week, so it was nice to just be stationary for a day. Of course, I walked the town’s main dirt road and stopped in for Beer Lao’s and food at various small and different outdoor waterside restaurants. Importantly, I was able to get caught up on my travel log.

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