Friday, July 1, 2016

Lao Trip 14.7 - Back to Pakse

Yes, it was a long night; never sleeping for long stretches and going to the bathroom about ten times. I woke up frequently in fear of soiling the bed. I slept with a folded towel under my butt, the fan on and a sheet over me -- sometimes not.

One more thing about severe cases of diarrhea: you basically want to stay well-hydrated, not eat, rest, and wait for the virus to work its way out. Then, gradually, introduce light foods; whatever looks good, in small amounts. Its shouldn't last for more than 2-3 days. If you're running a high fever and/or vomiting frequently, you must seek medical help.

As soon as I could, I got going and left Don Khon. My schedule would not really allow me another day and I wouldn’t feel much like doing anything, anyway. So, I hired a long tail pilot (and son) and then, in Ban Nakasang, took a sawngtheaw back to Pakse. It was cramped quarters in the passenger truck -- as is usually the case. This ride was all the more challenging by having to keep myself puckered up. My greatest fear was not being able to hold myself and consequently soil myself infront of a truckload of about twenty Khon Lao.

Connecting by tuk-tuk in Pakse, I made it to Sedon Guesthouse without any accidents. I picked Sedone this time because it’s right on the Si Don river, Pakse’s main tributary to The Mekong. I knew I’d have some time to kill -- unlike Sabaidy 2, last week, which was pretty much just a one night sleepover.

I must admit that getting sick on this trip really put a damper on it. I tried to stay positive, but feeling as I did, I just kinda wanted to be home. Travelling can be refreshing, but few trips are “great” and one is lucky if most trips are “good.” Some are “bad” and others can leave you with mixed feelings. I still had four days to go, so I told myself I’d stay positive and see if I couldn’t turn this thing around.

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