Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bann Nah 42 - Staining & Unsung Heroes

The last things Sam Lott and Sam Naht did for Phase 1 of the Bann Nah project was to construct and put in the porch gate, and also completely spray stain all wood. This took a couple of days. Then, the house would sit for a week -- maybe two -- while the stain thoroughly hardened.

In writing about Bann Nah over the course of its construction, I have proudly pointed to all the natural hard wood we used -- much of it coming from our own properties. I’ve also mentioned about how there are more screws in the building than nails due to the hardness of the wood. By so doing, I have forgotten about one of the unsung “heroes” of Bann Nah: our air compressor. Using it, Lott and Naht were able to quickly and efficiently use a nail gun to button down many areas where only a thin, small nail is most effective. These areas included the teak walls and ceilings and our flooring. Also, the compressor made staining large areas a relatively quick job. It even came in handy when tire pressure of motorcycles, tuk-tuks or mechanical buffaloes got low.

Speaking of motorcycles -- motosai’s -- these also we took for granted but without which we couldn’t have done what we did.

Lott's and Naht's motosai

Utilities like water and power also deserve a mention, neither of which we couldn’t have done without.

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