Monday, November 14, 2016

Two Homes

After we moved into our farm house, our daily routines were split even more between our 9 rai rice farm and our village house; sometimes sleeping out at the farm, sometimes in the village. It all depended on the weather and what we were doing that day and planned to do the day after.

Our Village House

Bann Nah on 9 rai

A bit of a different approach than most people thought we would take. During the construction of Bann Nah, there was often the question family and villagers would ask us: “Where will you live?” The assumption was always that we would live in one house or the other. Thip and I decided to take a more organic approach to the transition -- see what happens.

So, now we live in and out of both houses. I don’t see that changing for a while; at least until we wire up Bann Nah.

The transition period was very busy and somewhat tumultuous. There were the deaths of Thailand’s King and my sons’ grandfather on their mother’s side. There was also our birthdays and the major Buddhist ceremony days of Ohpensa and Boon Katin.

As I knew it would be, I found I liked it more out on the farm than in the village. Yet, I still had responsibilities at our village house and also at our rental property; mostly in the form of tree trimming and brush and grass cutting.

Our Rental Property -- Ban Sao (3 units)
Thip's brother Sawt and crew were moving power lines on this day

I also cut weeds at 9 rai, leaving 8.5 rai to be taken care of by Thip’s brothers who help with the grass cutting at 9 rai also, especially in the early part of the rice growing season.

Cutting weeds on the farm is essential and the timing of it can be critical. You want to cut the weeds before they are mature enough to have their seeds go airborne. The less weed seeds that get into the rice paddies, the less weeds you have to pull the following year. I’ve gotten better about timing it right, but it’s taken a couple of seasons to get it down.

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