Saturday, January 21, 2017

Favorite Songs of 2016

By “2016,” I mean these are the songs that were in “heavy rotation” on my smart phone in 2016. Except for two, all of them were released in earlier years:, 2016 - ไสว่าสิบ่ถิ่มกัน - non-story, original song

"Sai Wa Si Bor Thim Gan" (ไสว่าสิบ่ถิ่มกัน) -- what I call "Sai Woosy" -- was played throughout Thailand and Lao in 2016. I even heard it in Cambodia in December. As Long As The Last Breath, start at 00:35

This one is one of my wife's favorites. It is a sad song and a bit depressing, but I think it's healthy to remind ourselves that we will not be in this life forever; that our bodies break down even if we are fortunate enough to live into old age in relative good health. Carabao’s tribute CD to The King, 2016

A good song with a really cute video. Still very popular in Thailand and Lao.

A few other songs I listened to a lot this year, from my days back in the USA:

"Dragon Fly" by Fleetwood Mac, circa 1972, rediscovered 2016

"Look To Your Soul," Johnny Rivers, 1967

"At The End of a Rainbow," Earl Grant, 1959

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