Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rice Harvest, 2016

Returning home from my 15th trip to Lao, I arrived in time to continue helping with the family rice harvest and just in time to help thresh the khao nio (sticky rice) at 9 rai.

Threasher kicking up rice stalks, dust and dirt at 9 rai; 
more dirt than normal due to recent flooding.

I got in there, but as usual, was not dressed for the occasion. That’s OK, my greatest value to family at harvest time -- as it is most all the year -- is as major supplier of liquid refreshments, food and cash.

Next morning.

The recent flooding negatively affected our yield at 9 rai. We brought in 15 50kg bags less than the year before because of it. However, we did so well at our 8.5 rai farm -- where there hadn’t been flooding -- that we brought in 30 bags more than the year before. So, the net gain meant we were ahead by 15 bags this year, counting the yield at both farms.

Thip's brother Pawt giving the thumbs up at 8.5 rai.

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