Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cambodia Trip 2.2 - Psar Chaa

Multiple problems faced me after my first overnight in Siem Reap. I had had a weird cramping of an ankle and lower leg muscles during the night. The pain woke me up a couple of times until self-massage eventually lowered the pain and cramp. It was another one of those things I had learned as a lifeguard so many years ago. All day traveling in buses, van and car must have been the culprit.

Additional problems were my room and cash. I arrived a day early and my booking was incorrect. I needed to switch to a better two-bed room in preparation for my son’s arrival.

First thing I did when I left Ivy this second day of the trip, was to try my ATM card again. Alas, it still did not work -- even at two ATM’s. This was unusual and I was beginning to feel a little at a loss. Just then, almost miraculously, I crossed eyes with a tuk-tuk driver and it was my friend Bunleng!

After a brief reconnect, I told him of my problem and asked if there were any banks open on Saturday? He replied that Canada Bank was open half day and drove me the block over. There, I took money out of my Visa credit card which I carry as a back-up for just such an instance as this. Later, I would resolve the issues with my credit union ATM card without the pressure of having no cash.

With all immediate problems resolved, I spent the day walking around the area of Siem Reap that caters exclusively to foreign visitors. Psar Chaa’s entire economy is built for tourism and is a little like a mixture of Khao San Road in Bangkok and downtown Luang Prabang, Lao.

Wat Preah Prohm Roth

In the evening, I had some Angkor draft at Ivy and caught up on all my Internet communications. Later, upstairs in the lounging area, I even watched a downloaded episode of “Designated Survivor.” I had originally purchased the largest screen cellphone I could find in order to do this kind of thing.

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