Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cambodia Trip 2.3 - Link-Up with Das

I’ve been getting up around 7:00 A.M. on this trip; a far cry from the 4:00 A.M. wake-ups Thip and I have been making, out at the farm.

I spent my first couple of hours of my third day on my “smart phone.” There were messages from Thip, keeping up with my surfing website subscribers and readers, calling my credit union, downloading video for later viewing, checking messages from Das who I would meet up with later in the day, and lastly messaging Bunleng thanking him for his help the day before; setting up our itinerary for the days ahead. Digital cellphones are revolutionizing communications in cultures throughout the world and have made traveling so much easier for me. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is of great help to me back home, too.

I had a late breakfast at Ivy and walked around Psar Chaa some more, especially Pub Street which is “Falang capitol” here in Siem Reap. More foreigners in the street than Cambodians.

While having some Angkor’s at that place across the street from “Cheers,” I met two expats Paolo and Darron and Darron’s Cambodian wife who was very attractive, small but solid. The husband/wife team operate a bar called the “Fox’s Hat” and made a point of explaining how the name came about from the phrase “where the fox it’s at.”

Late afternoon, I met my son Das back at Ivy Guesthouse and it was great to see him again. It’ had been almost a year since I visited him back in Carpinteria, California. We ate at an Indian food restaurant a street over and then called it an early evening. We were scheduled for the next day, to get in as many temples as we comfortably could.

[below: sights to greet us early the following day]

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