Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cambodia Trip 2.4 - Small Circuit

Das and I had breakfast at Ivy, then got going around 8 A.M. Bunleng was waiting for us, as we proceeded to go on what’s called “the small circuit” of Khmer temples in Siem Reap.

Before we got to the temples, though, I had to purchase my pass (Das already had his). I was surprised to find the old structure for getting the pass was now just a check-point. The main ticket booth is now housed in a very large complex near an even larger complex of hotels catering to visitors on group tours -- usually Asian.

I surprised my son with my agility and stamina going around and up and down the temples our first morning together. He even made mention of it. I hadn’t thought about it much, except in appreciating I had a little more experience behind me, this second trip to the Khmer temples of Siem Reap. First trip I walked through on wet sandstone in sandals! 

We broke for lunch and then continued on. My idea was to see the best of what I’d seen on my first trip along with some new sites and, of course, the best of the best for Das.

Switching gears, we took a long tuk-tuk ride out to Phnom Krom to finish the day with a sunset over the Tonle Sap:

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