Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cambodia Trip 2.5 - Grand Circuit

Second and what turned out to be our last day of touring the temples, Bunleng took Das and I out to Angkor Wat for the sunrise show.

The top of Angkor Wat was open this time (it hadn’t been, on my first trip), so that was a neat, new element to add to my memories of this most special place on the planet.

I was so happy that we had sunlight on all our days of picture taking. It had been somewhat of a bummer my first trip to be under overcast skies most of the time.

After Angkor Wat, we broke for a late breakfast and then Bunleng took us to the best of what is called “the Grand Circuit.”

We ended our temple touring in mid-afternoon so that arrangements could be made for my bus back to O Smach. In the process, we met the very lovely and spirited Gahnya, who was really a delight to watch in action as she finally got me booked on a relatively new service that does not run every day between Siem Reap and O Smach.

That night, Das and I ate Middle Eastern food at a small restaurant not far from Ivy. Food was good and the proprietor quite the character.

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